The subject of captured and collared woman is one that fascinates throughout history. In the old days of photography models posed as slave- or haremgirl, many movies were made around the subject as well. I tried to built a collection with photos from various photographers (for some I will built a special page later) and... Continue Reading →

Nativa Richard (unknown)

Nativa Richard was the muse for her husband, photographer Yva Richard, who's name was deducted from Natyva. (It is believed the name for Yva Richard's Company was inspired by Nativa, who's real name was Natyva. ) She was a seamstress and most likely responsible for the idea of creating and selling fetish lingerie and accessories... Continue Reading →

Juan Chrisostomo Mendez (1885 – 1962)

Juan Crisostomo Mendez (1885-1962) was born in the City of Puebla in 1885. He went to Saint Bernardine, a catholic institution. He entered the School of Arts and Crafts where he studied drawing, sketching and where he first developed a passion for architectural art. In 1900, at the age of fifteen, Juan Mendez became an... Continue Reading →

Rudolf Franz Lehnert (1878 – 1948)

Lehnert (1878- 1948) was born in Gross Aupa (now Velká Úpa), then in Bohemia and now in the Czech Republic. With Ernst Heinrich Landrock, he based a photographic company in, successively, Tunis, Munich, Leipzig and Cairo, publishing the works as by "Lehnert & Landrock". Together with Ernst Heinrich Landrock Lehnert started a photographic atelier and... Continue Reading →

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