Rare photos for Sale

At the current auction there are some rare fetish (related) photos for sale.  Enlarge the photos and click the links below every photo to view details (and more photos).

Bettie Page in Bondage

This is an old and original 1960 Betty Page in Bondage (Vol. #3) vintage magazine For Sale

1950 Bondage Photos for Sale

So I could not resist sharing these with you, three really nice 50’s bondage photos. Click on link below photo to view details and purchase

Irina Ionesco Photos for Sale

Those who are not familiair with the story on Irina Ionesco I can really recommend viewing the movie My Little Princess (made by her daughter who shared from her view as yound model for her mother) There are a lot of photo books offered for sale via Ebay as well as a rare collection photos

Vintage Lingerie Photos

This is a really nice collection for the collectors. Various vintage lingerie photos for sale, click the link below the photo to see details and prices

96 erotic postcards for sale

Many photos on these postcards were taken by photographers I spent a lot of time collecting photos for. Photographers like Ostra Studio, Jean Agelou, Yva Richard. Be sure to view the auction to see all postcards that are presented in this collection.

Unique Kinky Cards for Sale

Sometimes I love to see if I can create something new inspired by the amazing photos of the old masters. It is not an easy task since the quality of those vintage photos is not quite good, but so far I managed to create a small but nice collection. You can find them all at…

Download Photos

There are some download packages available. Vintage Spanking 35 albums, 265 photos, F/f, M/f and Schoolgirls spanked Vintage Birch 11 albums with 75 rare photos, not just a mix of photos but find some special series included. Haremgirls The subject of captured and collared woman is one that fascinates throughout history. In the old days…

Yva Richard, L’age d’or du Fetishism

This book chronicles the classic erotic photography of “Yva Richard“, a famous purveyor of high-end lingerie and other sexy clothing items in Paris throughout the first few decades of the 20th Century. Contrary to what many people on the web seem to believe, “Yva Richard” is neither the name of the company’s owner nor is…