Yvon de Carlo in Slavegirl

There were some images stored on my pc from the lovely Yvon de Carlo and George Brent for the movie Slave Girl (1947) The photographer who took these remains unknown to me.

Julian Mandel (1872 – 1935)

1872 - 1935 Julian Mandel was the pseudonym of Lucien Waléry, a well known photographer of the same period. It can be confusing that there were two other photographers using the name Walery as well: Count Stanislaw Julian Ostrorog (1830-1890 and his son son Stanislaw Julian Ignacy, Count Ostrorog (1863-1935). Lucien Waléry stands out in the... Continue Reading →

Rudolf Franz Lehnert (1878 – 1948)

Lehnert (1878- 1948) was born in Gross Aupa (now Velká Úpa), then in Bohemia and now in the Czech Republic. With Ernst Heinrich Landrock, he based a photographic company in, successively, Tunis, Munich, Leipzig and Cairo, publishing the works as by "Lehnert & Landrock". Together with Ernst Heinrich Landrock Lehnert started a photographic atelier and... Continue Reading →

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