Rare Photos for Sale

I found some real nice photos for sale, this is one for the collectors I think. Just click on the photos to view more details and photos. Photo by Brassaï Charis by Edward Weston Bewegungsstudie by Rudolf Koppitz (1927) Alphonse Mucha (1898)  

96 erotic postcards for sale

Many photos on these postcards were taken by photographers I spent a lot of time collecting photos for. Photographers like Ostra Studio, Jean Agelou, Yva Richard. Be sure to view the auction to see all postcards that are presented in this collection.

1903 spanking photo

"Punishment" from Vanity Fair's Bifurcated Girls Special Issue, June 6, 1903. This issue showed women dressed in trousers, at the time considered rather risque.

Vintage FemDom

Femdom, or female dominance, refers to BDSM activities where the dominant partner is a female. A female dominant is sometimes called a domme or domina. A professional female dominant is often referred to as a dominatrix. The photos presented here are solely F/m, which means a female dominant and submissive male. In the past photographers... Continue Reading →

Unique Kinky Cards for Sale

Sometimes I love to see if I can create something new inspired by the amazing photos of the old masters. It is not an easy task since the quality of those vintage photos is not quite good, but so far I managed to create a small but nice collection. You can find them all at... Continue Reading →

Haremgirls by Albert Arthur Allen

Somehow some collections here got mixed up, or suddenly disappeared so I had to renew the page for Albert Arthur Allen (1886 – 1962), I also had some haremgirls stored that were photographed by Albert and decided to share these in a seperate post so I can add them to the Fetish Gallery. Mixed Single... Continue Reading →


These were a very nice finding, some retro (I think) bondage and breathplay from unknown photographer. You can download the photos via my Patreon    

Vintage FemDom

Vintage FemDom photos are difficult to find, there is a lot of retro stuff to find but I try to find those photos that are a bit older. Of course Ostra Studio created some (some are included in this gallery). There is also a blog with many photos I created last year. Here are just... Continue Reading →

Rare F/M Bondage

Sometimes I stumble upon the rarest things, yes most times this is when I am browsing at night 😉 Just now I was trying to put together a nice blog with vintage FemDom photos when I found this photoset that was taken in 1963, for me that is a bit too young to post as... Continue Reading →

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