La Lingerie Moderne

Yva Richard became most known for having a lingerie brand that became famous around 1920/130 for selling fetish accessories and photos of the catalog items. In the first ten years the brand was mostly dedicated to luxery lingerie, however 1923 became their turning point for selling erotic lingerie, but also clothing, erotic accessorized and photos. Then around 1930 they set their focus on fetish and bondage accents, they introduced the use of leather and metal for producing corsets, boots, dog collars and dominatrix accessory.

They sold their products through correspondence, buyers were able to order lingerie and accessories via their catalog ‘La Lingerie Moderne’ which was edited by Ostra Studio, they also sold through advertisements like La Vie Parisienne, Le Sourire and London Life. More of the lingerie photos are available at the members page Lingerie & Diana Slip Lingerie

They were one of the very few companies  who provided innovative fashion erotic and fetish photography. Their only one great rival was Diana Slip Lingerie, based in Paris. In America, the only relevant merchant fetish accessories and photography (mostly imported from France), at the time was Charles Guyette in New York.Without knowing at their time they became a strong inspiration for the next generation of fetish photographers like John Willie and Irving Klaw. In 1950 model Bettie Page was wearing an updated version of a bra shaped cone and chastity belt created by Nativa Richard. Rumors go that La Lingerie Moderne was bought by their rival Diana Slip Lingerie in 1930, but their are no real facts to prove this. Having said this, there are photos used by Diana Slip Lingerie that without doubt came from the hand of Yva Richard, as well as from Jacques Biederer (Ostra Studio), which brings all of this back to one of the mysterious puzzles in vintage fetish fashion.


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