Venus in Furs – Joseph Marzano

Poster for the movie "Venus in Furs"

A muscular hunk works selling shoes, but has a very overactive imagination. He falls asleep while reading “Venus in Furs” and dreams of Venus herself, speaking to him in poetry while he caresses her feet and waits on her as a servant. He also stares at women on the subway and imagines kissing and making love to them. After spending his day waiting on beautiful flirtatious women on his knees, he picks up Marna, a…

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Co-Ed Secrets Stag Movie

Not rated yet! Click an icon to see more Overview Metadata Director — Runtime — Release Date — Adult — Details Movie Status — Movie Rating Not rated Actors Starring: — Lesbian bondage and spanking, no info on the models, producers and era it was published. So this Co-Ed really…

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