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Creating and building this website is a very time consuming task, which I do with a lot of love. All the content at this site can be viewed for free, this site offers what most member sites don’t even offer. A well organised website with vintage fetish (and a little fashion) photos from different photographers and models, as well as vintage fetish photo collections.
Perhaps you wonder why I ask for donations. First of all, it is optional. I am thankfull for every donation I get, as little as it might be.
These donations help me to cover for hosting costs, wich are necessery to provide you a fast loading platform to view photos. Secondly it helps me to decide to invest time in this site. It would be to idealistic to think about creating a job out of offering this site, but one may dream πŸ™‚
All the time I need to work to put money on the table I cannot invest in this site, so donations will help me on that part as well. You also will get rid of the popup and enjoy endless browing fun on this website.
And last, but not least, your support is a personal reward for me. It shows you really appreciate my efforts.
You can donate through Pianopass, click on the ‘free views button’ on the right to open the screen.

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