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Photographer Jacques Biederer and his brother Charles were very creative in their photographs. Very often different settings, or even roleplay, were used to produce erotic and sensual photos. Like this serie, damsels in distress getting stranded with car trouble. Pay attention to some details and enjoy this free serie.

Julian Mandel, pseudonym for Lucien Waléry

1872 – 1935

Julian Mandel was the pseudonym of Lucien Waléry, a well known photographer of the same period. It can be confusing that there were two other photographers using the name Walery as well: Count Stanislaw Julian Ostrorog (1830-1890 and his son son Stanislaw Julian Ignacy, Count Ostrorog (1863-1935).
Lucien Waléry stands out in the night lights of Paris because he photographed an extraordinary number of beautiful women from most of the particular risque dance revues from the early 1900’s through the 1920’s.

His photos were republished through photo studios like Pc Studio and Alfred Noyer Studio. Walery photographed his models in studio, with lace and nice props as well as pure nudes in nature going outdoors. Mandel was a member of, and participated in, the German avant-garde “new age outdoor” or “plein air” movement.
Walery also created “plein-air” and exquisite deco-style nudes in the 1920s. He photographed the notorious Mata Hari and Josephine Baker. It may well be that Walery used the name “Mandel” when selling work to publisher Alfred Noyer, for publishing as postcard-sized images.
I finally finished a page with many rare photos from Mandel. Members get to see all photos without watermarks.

Nus Fantastiques by Julian Mandel

Surrealistic photos from Julian Mandel (1872 – 1935 ) from the book Nus Fantastiques, published in 1932

He was one of the best-known commercial photographers of female nudes of the early twentieth century. He worked in Paris and his signature photography became known in the 1910s and was published through the mid-1930s by such firms as Alfred Noyer, Les Studios, P-C Paris, and the Neue Photographische Gesellschaft.

He produced erotic postcards. The models often are found in highly arranged classical poses, and were photographed in-studio and outdoors. The images are artfully composed with exquisite tones and soft lighting— showing a particular texture created by light rather than shadow.

Reportedly, Mandel was a member of, and participated in, the German avant-garde “new age outdoor” or “plein air” movement. I am working on adding him to the photographers index at this site.

Jean d’Ayeud ~ Rare spanking photos

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There is not much to be found for this photographer. His photos appeared in Croupes Sanglantes. Scènes vécues (Le Jardin d’Eros, 1935) . A privately printed booklet.