White Slaves of Chinatown

Poster for the movie "White Slaves of Chinatown"
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The first in a series of fetishistic mid-’60s exploitation features, White Slaves of Chinatown follows the beautiful, brutal Olga (Audrey Campbell) as she bends and eventually breaks the wills of a group of young female runaways and ex-convicts. Olga procures prostitutes and pushes heroin for the syndicate, confining and torturing her pretty victims in a private dungeon located in New York City’s sinister Chinatown. Diplomat’s daughter Frenchy is forced to write letters to her father asking for money when she’s not squirming topless in her squalid cell. Lola and Collette are subjected to a variety of ordeals including stocks, crucifixions, cigarette burns, and Chinese water torture.

Promos for the notorious Olga exploitation films. “White Slaves of Chinatown” (1964), the trailer is more exciting than this tepid first film in the series. The first of a new “roughie” genre that soon replaced nudie-cutie adult films in grind-house theaters. The producer/writer was influenced by the 1950s Irving Klaw fetish stag films with Bettie Page..

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