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Creating and building this website is a very time consuming task, of course it is something I do with a great deal of love. I offer this site for free completely, all photos can be viewed, shared and downloaded without any restrictions. This site offers what most member sites don’t accomplish: A well organised website with vintage fetish (and a little fashion) photos from different photographers and models, as well as vintage fetish photo collections.

Perhaps you wonder why I ask for your support. First of all, it is optional, I am thankfull for every donation I get, as little as it might be.
These donations help me to cover for hosting costs, wich are necessery to provide you a fast loading platform to view photos. Secondly it helps me to decide to invest time in this site. All the time I need to work to put money on the table I cannot invest in this site, so donations will help me on that part as well.

And last, but not least, your support is a personal reward for me. It shows you really appreciate my efforts.
Thank you for considering to support this website.