Jean Agelou (1878 – 1921)

Jean was born in 1878 in Alexandria (Egypt) and died in 1921 in Gien (Loiret) Jean's business was started with selling stereoviews and soon he evolved to selling postcards, which was a great moment for him to step into since postcards were becoming very popular, especially nude photographs. He worked together with his brother Georges... Continue Reading →


Most known was Diana Slip Lingerie, photographers like Brassaï, Jean Moral, Roger Schall and Jacques and Charles Biederer photographed for this company. It is also believed Yva Richard (together with his wife Nativa Richard) founded the magazine La Lingerie Moderne, which later could perhaps be sold to Leon Vidal (the owner of Diana Slip Lingerie)... Continue Reading →

Diana Slip Lingerie

1920 - 1940 This French lingerie company from around 1930 was owned by Léon Vidal, and seemed to have been started by Yva Richard who sold his company to Diana Slip in 1920 (since he wanted to focus on his photography more). The company however was much more then just a lingerie company. They made... Continue Reading →

Albert Arthur Allen (1886 – 1962)

1886 - 1962 Born in a wealthy New England family Albert Arthur allen was born in Grafton on may 8 1886. At the age of 21 he moved to California and opened the Allen Art Studio in Oakland (1916). Around 1920 he renamed his studio to The allen Institute of Dine and Applied Art, he... Continue Reading →

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