Alfred Stieglitz (1881 – 1946)

Stieglitz was born in Hoboken, New Jersey. In 1881 Alfred's father sold his companyand moved his family to Europe for the next several years. The most important reason was that he believed his son could get a better education in Germany. Alfred Stieglitz enrolled in the Realgymnasium (middle school) in Karlsruhe. His parents, along with... Continue Reading →

Marcel Meys (1886 – 1972)

Already in 1914, and during the twenties and thirties, Marcel Meys (1886 – 1972) was presenting particular his work with nudes. There is one bondage serie with a brunette, posing nude with ropes in nature. There is not much to find about this photographer. He was a photographic correspondent for the French Newspaper L'Illustration where he... Continue Reading →

Olga Spolarics (1896 – 1969)

Olga Solaris (1896-1969) together with her husband Adjoran Wlassics (1893-1946) started their photo studio (Manassé Studio) in 1920, shortly after they got married. They used retouching techniques to create surreal and noir images. This special atmosphere does apply perfectly in terms of fetish related photos, built together in a special collection one could almost conclude... Continue Reading →

Mario von Bucovich (1884 – 1944)

Mario von Bucovich (1884-1944) was also known as Marius von Bucovich. He was born at Pula in the Istrian region of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and held the title of Baron. His father, August, Freiherr von Bucovich, was a former Corvette Captain in the Austro-Hungarian navy and later an entrepreneur in the railroad concession sector. Mario... Continue Reading →

Jean Agelou (1878 – 1921)

Jean was born in 1878 in Alexandria (Egypt) and died in 1921 in Gien (Loiret) Jean's business was started with selling stereoviews and soon he evolved to selling postcards, which was a great moment for him to step into since postcards were becoming very popular, especially nude photographs. He worked together with his brother Georges... Continue Reading →

Albert Arthur Allen (1886 – 1962)

1886 - 1962 Born in a wealthy New England family Albert Arthur allen was born in Grafton on may 8 1886. At the age of 21 he moved to California and opened the Allen Art Studio in Oakland (1916). Around 1920 he renamed his studio to The allen Institute of Dine and Applied Art, he... Continue Reading →

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