Lina Cavalieri (1874 – 1944)

1874 – 1944 Lina Cavalieri was born on Christmas Day at Rieti, some 80 kilometres (50 mi) north of Rome.She lost her parents at the age of fifteen and became a ward of the state, sent to live in a Roman Catholic orphanage. At a young age, she made her way to Paris, France, where her... Continue Reading →

Nativa Richard (unknown)

Nativa Richard was the muse for her husband, photographer Yva Richard, who's name was deducted from Natyva. (It is believed the name for Yva Richard's Company was inspired by Nativa, who's real name was Natyva. ) She was a seamstress and most likely responsible for the idea of creating and selling fetish lingerie and accessories... Continue Reading →

Mr Steinberg’s Model (unknown)

These photographs capture an Alternative Model in Newcastle, taken on the 22nd of January 1949. The collection is undeniably ahead of its time, the photographs are of an unusually dark and suggestive nature. Nothing is known of their purpose or the model in the photographs; they are simply referred to as ‘Mr Steinberg’s Model.’

Pat (1937 – unknown)

Pat was born in Oklahoma in 1937 or 1939, her father was a Blackfoot Indian. She settled in LA in the mid-1950s. She appeared in men's magazines (under different names and different spellings) from 1957 to the early 1960s. She posed for a number of L.A. photographers, including Peter (?) Gowland, André de Dienes and... Continue Reading →

Judy Ann Dull (unknown)

The story about Judy Ann Dull is one that has a very tragic ending. It is said she was one of the three victims of Harvey Glatman, the "bondage murderer" of California in the mid-1950s, but she also modeled for John Willie. Although not everyone is sure about this, the resemblance in the photos is... Continue Reading →

Doree (unknown)

Doree was one of John Willie's bondage models during 1958/1959 in Los Angeles in Willie’s house in West Hollywood. It is believed Doree was a secretary at an aircraft factory who also worked for Willie in the evenings helping out with his photography sales. She appeared in a group of sets at that time and then appeared... Continue Reading →

Holly Faram (1913 – 1987)

Holly Faram (1913 - 1987) met John Willie as a model in the mid 1930's, they married on Christmaseve in 1942. She was a model for his bondage art and photography for many years. He used photos from Holly, in bondage, for his magazine Bizarre as well. In the appartment where John Willie and Holly... Continue Reading →

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