Bizarre Magazine (1968)

Hard to find early fetish lifestyle publication by P.W. Publications (Selbee Press, Lenny Burtman). Circa 1968. Magazine primarily deals with the female domination lifestyle prevalent in certain communities of the United States in the 1960’s. It has as articles and photo features on female lead relationships. Makes for a fascinating and revealing read. Profusely illustrated. Printed in color / black and white. 65…

Rare Outdoor Spanking

This photo really fascinates me, what was it they were trying to show? Two nude girls outdoor? Why was the one posing on her knees, and what is the purpose of hand of the woman standing, is if floating in the air, was it to spank or to please? The models are the sisters Grete…

Vintage Lingerie Photobook

Some really nice vintage lingerie photos, presented in the book La Belle Polissonne ou le Délicieux Écart, published in 1934 with photos taken for Diana Slip Lingerie, photos from Photographers like Brassaï, Jacques Biederer and Roger Schall.

Irina Ionesco Photobooks

How ever controversial this photographer was, I feel like she contributed in her own way to fetish and fashion photography. So therefor this post is to share some of the photobooks with her work that are currently up for sale. To see all go here, or click the link below the collage to view more…

Tied to the Cross

Distinguished from a Bdsm Style Catherine Wheel the St Andrew’s Cross shows up in very early bdsm photos. Other names are crux decussata, X-cross, X-frame or saltire cross.There are not many photos but I was able to trace some (if you happen to know some old ones please let me know) Whipping frames based on the…

Rare photos for Sale

At the current auction there are some rare fetish (related) photos for sale.  Enlarge the photos and click the links below every photo to view details (and more photos).

Surreal Visions by Olga

Olga Spolarics was one of those pioneers in double exposures, she created many surreal artworks using her own photographs (and some of her husband Adjoran Wlassics)

Pierre Molinier

Pierre Molinier (1900 – 1976) is most known for his transvestite and fetish self portraits. He began his career by painting landscapes until his work soon turned towards a fetishistic eroticism. Molinier began to take photographs at the age of 18. As listed in his birth record, he was married to Andrea Lafaye, on July…

Bettie Page in Bondage

This is an old and original 1960 Betty Page in Bondage (Vol. #3) vintage magazine For Sale

1950 Bondage Photos for Sale

So I could not resist sharing these with you, three really nice 50’s bondage photos. Click on link below photo to view details and purchase