In Berlin, during the Weimar period (ca 1920/1930), there were over 1500 Dominatrixes working. Other names used for Female Dominatrixes were Minettes (A common Parisian expression for independent, sexually active women), Dominas, Boot-Girls (Freelance Dominas, they attracted frugal provincial German Suitors, who were led to nearby pensions) Imagine…this was just in one city. Somehow powerfull ladies dominating men was (and still is) an arousing and attractive idea.

For some a fantasy, for others something they like to experience for real. Despite the popularity of FemDom in the past it is hard to discover images and built a collection.

Be sure to check out the FemDom photos for different photos and sets from men getting dominated by females wearing corsets, gloves, high heels, boots and not to forget using attrubutes like a whip or cane.

At this page I am trying to collect images from Mistress posing, not in action so to speak. To view those visit the FemDom page.

Mixed (click image to enlarge)

By Roger Schall (click image to enlarge)

By Pierre Moulinier (click image to enlarge)

By Yva Richard (click image to enlarge)

By Franz Rehfeld (click image to enlarge)

1950 Mistress (click image to enlarge)

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