The maid is perhaps one of the most popular figures in erotic literature and photography, pornographic films, and spanking fetish videos. Many of the earliest known corporal punishment photographs from the 19th century, as well as the first fetish films of the 1930s, show maids being spanked, whipped, and birched by their master or mistress. There are also a number of novels and storytelling photo-sets that include enemas as an additional punishment. Ostra Studio showed various settings using the maid either as submissive or as the leading lady.

The master-and-maid scenario comes from the universal fantasy of having a compliant, domestic sex slave (even when the sex is only implied). This young and attractive servant, often wearing a doll-like uniform, is generally portrayed as a powerless sexual play-thing, easily manipulated and constantly under control. She timidly serves her employer performing demeaning and humiliating chores and lives in fear of being punished or taken advantage of.

This dynamic can also be reversed, as a humorous or subversive power exchange scenario, with the maid in charge, forcing her mistress to submit to a thrashing and/or an enema.


Mixed (click image to enlarge)

By Ostra Studio (click image to enlarge)

By Ostra Studio (click image to enlarge)


By Ostra Studio (click image to enlarge)


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