Most known was Diana Slip Lingerie, photographers like Brassaï, Jean Moral, Roger Schall and Jacques and Charles Biederer photographed for this company. It is also believed Yva Richard (together with his wife Nativa Richard) founded the magazine La Lingerie Moderne, which later could perhaps be sold to Leon Vidal (the owner of Diana Slip Lingerie)

There is a special page with photos particular tributed to Diana Slip Lingerie, but of course there were more photographers who back in their days knew lingerie was highly erotic and photographing it. Selling as postcard was a lucrative business. I don’t have collected all the photos with lingerie that can be found on my site, just some special series or the ones I thought make a nice collection. Be sure to browse my site and discover more.

By Albert Wyndham (click image to view facebook albums)

Lingerie by Albert Wyndham
Model posing
Model posing
Fur and Lingerie

By Ostra Studio  (click image to enlarge)


By Olga Spolarics  (click image to enlarge)




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