Smoking Ladies

Smoking fetishism is also known as capnolagnia. It can be considered a sexual fetish based on the pulmonary consumption (smoking) of tobacco, most often via cigarettes, cigars, and also, pipes and hookahs to some extent. As a fetish, its mechanisms regard sexual arousal from the observation or imagination of a person smoking, sometimes including oneself.
(source Wikipedia)

Looking back in the history of photography there are various subjects that seemed to be photographed more then others. Females in sexy clothing, lingerie or even nude smoking a cigarette was a well photographed subject by many different photographers. One might conclude there was a market, an audience that requested these photos so they were produced for this purpose.
They were also produced for marketing purposes in terms of advertisements of cigarettes and tabaco.

It took me months to put together a gallery with smoking ladies. The members gallery contains 16 albums and over 150 images. Enjoy this small preview, for more go here.
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