Playing out fantasies was (and still is) a way of living out sexual desires. Humans begin roleplaying as soon as they have an understanding of roles: children play roleplay games such as House, School, or scenes set in a past or future world.

Roleplaying in adults is a complex topic.
Some of it is found in everyday life, some is found in games, fun activities and theatre (e.g. historical reenactment), and some is found in the form of erotic (sexual) foreplay.

Roleplaying is often used as a form of sexual foreplay for “vanilla” couples, but it also forms the foundation for serious D/s partners deeply immersed in the BDSM lifestyle. In spanking scenes, roleplay may be a way of providing a “reason” for the spanking, or a context in which it takes place.

This often involves wearing a special costume such as a uniform that defines the roles and makes the situation seem more realistic.

There are various subjects, I only focus on the ones I was able to find vintage photographs on. At this page I don’t store all vintage schoolgirl (roleplay) photos, please visit Ostra Studio and Vintage Schoolgirl Spanking to view more.

Below are some albums to discover.
It is a very time consuming task to built specific galleries like these, so please have a little patience. In time I hope to be able to add more.

By Charles Guyette

Roleplay by Yva Richard

Unknown Photographers


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