F/f Spanking

Beginning in the 1850s, the new invention of the photograph was quickly exploited by the purveyors of pornography. In addition to the expected photographs of sex and nudity, images of erotic fetishes such as corporal punishment, bondage, enema humiliation, and various forms of sadomasochism grew with remarkable rapidity over the ensuing decades.

The majority of this material was produced by anonymous photographers in Paris (the notoriously naughty French postcards), Berlin, New York, and other major cities. Most likely, there were some still unknown London photographers dabbling in erotica as well.

F/f Spanking photos show elegant ladies whipping each other with birches, naughty schoolgirls got caned by their (female) teachers. There were many domestic scenes set in comfortable homes where careless maids, delinquent daughters, and misbehaving wives were soundly thrashed for their misdeeds. These photograps were produced to arouse. The erotic works were created for a spankophile or bdsm audience. There exists also Non-erotic works from mainstream art featuring spanking scenes, there is considerable overlap and no clear line of distinction between these.

Due to the character of this site only photos showing spanking between two adult females are presented.


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